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 petit truc juste pour mémoire de Saiiko

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MessageSujet: petit truc juste pour mémoire de Saiiko   Jeu 17 Mar - 0:04

de: saiiko
à: dad91
Objet: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: open session on [pain]

D91 I could not understand any of that message However what I was trying to do was take back what was taken from you and much more but to do that you would have to be in our alliance to receive any benefit I'm not allowed to say how we do it. that's why I told you that you must trust me we had no intention for any of you to stay in the [CFC] we are not taking on new members any more however your failure to take advantage of my generosity has resulted in a missed opportunity for your crew as well as a wast of my time.

If such a opportunity should occur again I will offer to you and only you to take part and only so you can see what I was trying to do for you and your alliance

Kind regards David

Message from dad91 on 15.03.2011 16:25:26
Tu me demand for Venir Vous Rejoindre C'EST Bien ça cap'tain saiiko??? J'Ai Bien Like a Star @ heaven Que mes pirates "Ne pas suivent, versez le JE suis en train de moment UNE re-créer l'Alliance puisque trois pirates legaciens viré Ont UNO sniff, MAIS JE TE Tiens au courant de la suite ..

En DANS faité JE reprend l'ONU Temps premier message pirates et ensuite JE Leurs parle of this future fusion AVEC la CFC, T'inquiète Pas si tu me fais Confiance Comme JE fais le pour toi, vaincrons Alors UNO un coup sur saiiko.

a + dady91

Message de saiiko en date du 15.03.2011 00:20:35
D91 if you trust in me follow these instruction as soon as possible

#1 you must leave your alliance it no longer belongs to you

#2 instruct only and I mean only your most trusted pirates to do the same quickly

#3 have them all send application's to the [CFC] we do not have much time do not be discouraged if they are not excepted at first just get those application's in then contact me at once

you must trust me D91 because I am trusting you and my name is on the line here. If you would like to see sweet justice dirty sweet justice then tell me you accept and will do as I have requested

Message from dad91 on 14.03.2011 17:49:13
Thank you for all the wrong that you give you, but know that if we can get along then I am sure LEGACY will then suffer themselves lool

Message de saiiko en date du 14.03.2011 02:11:41
d91 I am sure you will have questions so that I make sure that we are together on everything number all your questions and I will answer by # back sorry I forgot to spell check that last one so if to hard to understand I will fix and send again Saiiko[CFC]

Message from dad91 on 13.03.2011 15:11:13
saiiko we have big concerns was the interrieur of our alliance, you could prevent the Administrator so that it looks fast.

Here a clever computer is putting it all wrong (bug) he changes positions and prevents us from turning out l4alliance.

you just do something please?

Message de saiiko en date du 13.03.2011 12:16:02
Vary good D91 let me review this information and see if we can make a strong plan

I wish you a plesant sunday aswell my friend Saiiko [CFC]

Message from dad91 on 13.03.2011 09:21:31
the trouble is I do not speak a word of English and I deplore it, but few cons I give you my msn address

To name those I know well about this game sound:
Arock / / surcouf58 / / darkaleth / / OEILNOIR / / gerald68 / / ilium / / l_kj / / nossam / / Kreps / / RobyBDP / / mika40 / / beyssacman / / BOUBOU / / Lionel91 / / boubou43 / / kqj91 / / - sapije / / here.

I distrust those are:
- Seamen
- Sea_Cross
- bobmorris
- barbosa13
- WillTurner13
- JackLeSinge
- francer64
Those I do not know but I think I can trust are:
- vardek
- Nehsy
- barbeboule
- buckwheat
- atticus
- exblink
And the one you just trust you 100% that it dad91 wish you a nice Sunday with your home saiiko

Message de saiiko en date du 13.03.2011 00:31:34
OK d91 I checked you out on the other game your storie so I believe you to your first ? correct make no message. you understand I will need those names of the trusted pirates I know one is Arock I saw him on the other game here are some players I know personally watchman Vinividivici, kastmaster , bukbuklow, ratsharyass, they may not all be friendly but I know them not to be legacy for now you can count on full support from rockstar and myself from the [CFC] you maybe correct D91 the winds of change are in the air Rockstarrob wishes that you contact him outside the game for more information he has much to discuss with you Kind Regards Saiiko[CFC]

Message from dad91 on 12.03.2011 17:36:44
Hello saiiko,
Okay so I understand! you'll be ok to come home and cons legacy of course I should not make any message indicating our Alliance ploy .. right?
Then he will need the names of pirates that I absolutely trust? it is always good?
If yes then I'll give those with whom I have already played another game and are joined me here on pirate1709 those is no problem.
In terms of espionage I am sure that legacy has created a nearly 3 / 4 view may be more of a pirate.
When I notified all the Alliance has so far I do not care, but because you probably ought to be done very carefully, for example during an attack in groups.

Well make your application to come I am standing by to receive you cap'tain saiiko

ps: We did plenty of damage in LEGACY, but it must be said they have more experience than us, but the trend will probably change soon ^ ^

Message de saiiko en date du 12.03.2011 16:49:58
Ok D91 I have just been given the OK to work with you guys in your fight with [pain] first things first do not use alliance chat unless you wish to spread disinformation Legacy has infiltrated your alliance for sure I need a count of alliance members who you know personally or have a phone number of just so that you are sure that those person's are real if you don't know them like that they are legacy trust me cause I don't even trust that you are not him at this point that's how you should be looking at every one you don't have to tell me who of your alliance you know personally just about how many? OK Saiiko [CFC]Thank you for all the wrong that you give you, but know that if we can get along then I am sure LEGACY will then suffer themselves lool

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petit truc juste pour mémoire de Saiiko
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